Hi! I'm Mohamed Said. I work at @laravelphp on weekdays and practise freediving on weekends. Find me as themsaid @twitter and @github.

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My thoughts on 2015 and dreams for 2016

At the beginning of 2015 I was recently married, just started to stabilise a new life style to suit the new major change, I've spent 2013 & 2014 not moving forward in my career the way I wanted, I was too busy trying to make money for my marriage, I worked on dull projects full of repetitive ideas just to collect money, so my goals and dreams for 2015 were all related to making progress in my career and I'm gladly able to say I took BIG steps forward, here's what I managed to learn in 2015:

  • Backend coding skills: SOLID principles, design patterns, testing, performance, etc...
  • Developing iOS applications using Swift
  • Frontend development: React, Vuejs, Less, gulp, browserify.
  • More into server management: Vagrant, Ubuntu, etc...

I consider my biggest achievements in 2015 were learning iOS development and getting deeper into frontend development, I always wanted to understand the full stack.

I tried to gain as much experience on all levels during 2015, and I learned very important lessons, here are some thoughts I brought from 2015:

Losing Hope is not a bad thing

People think it's shameful to lose hope, I learned that the sooner you lose hope the better, losing hope means you start considering alternatives & deploying your negative energy toward something useful. The most important thing though is to try as much as possible to help others around you keep their positive energy, if you decided it's over for you it doesn't mean it's over for everybody else.

You shouldn't care more than the next guy

When you are doing group work, look at the most caring guy and be as much caring as him, never more. If you are in full charge then you should be the most caring, if not then caring more than the one in charge will lead to a scenario where you do most of the work because everybody else is counting on you.

Most people are busy doing a job; others are CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Growth Hackers, or social media experts

In my personal opinion, and from where I currently live in the world, being a C*O for a startup shouldn't be considered a job, I believe it's more of a title than a job, one has to be a developer and CTO, a project manager and a CEO, an accountant and a CFO. I feel like people are making startups only to be able to carry the title C*O without actually having a job to do.

Better be a maker than an Entrepreneur

A maker is someone who is able to build, an entrepreneur is someone who hires makers who don't , yet, think they can build something on their own, as soon as makers understand the fact that they are the backbone of the startup they will quit and start making their own stuff, and entrepreneurs will stand helpless.

So if you decided to quit your job and build a startup it's better for you to become a maker, a coder, a designer, an engineer, a business expert, or whatever .. Just learn something you can use to build instead of being dependant on other makers, have a real purpose inside your startup.

Managers are only good at wasting time

If you think your job is to manage others then you are jobless, and for you to feel you have something to do you waste other's time with meetings, emails, Skype calls, etc... So, please find something real to do and let (Basecamp, Trello, Asana, etc...) do the rest.

Facebook is a waste of time, news is a waste of time

Facebook now is all about news, news from your family, friends, relatives, country, etc... But most of the news is noise, things you shouldn't bother yourself with, the Prime minister gave a statement? fuck him, the economy is still crap and you barely can save a few pounds, so everything he says is noise, nothing in it for you, so why bother? ISIS made a new video? fuck these bunch of idiots, why should I waste 5 minutes watching this shit and spend at least a total of 5 hours hating what I saw? why bother?

We have no idea what We're doing

Yes, I & most of you have no idea what we are doing, we are all a group of Jon Snow(s), we know nothing! So you have to stop judging others, and you need to filter others feedback.

The main reason why I stopped attending conferences in Egypt is that most of the speakers appear clueless to me, most mentors, most God Fathers, most of them have no idea what they are saying but they are saying it in a way that makes you believe they do. Why would I listen to someone who managed to climb Everest to tell me about achieving my dreams? why would I listen to someone who managed to take money from his father to start a company to tell me about starting a Company? why would I listen to someone who read an article to tell me about the article he read? They are all clueless and so am I.

Propaganda brings short term benefits

Being friends with everyone is not going to bring you anything, networking is bullshit, if you are good, if you build good stuff you don't need to jump everywhere like an idiot seeking for attention, and if you think bringing attention to yourself while you have nothing to show is good then you are a fool.

2016, here you are

In 2016 I have simple goals and dreams that require hard work.

  1. I want to move out of Egypt, I have no dreams that can become true here, I don't want my kids to be raised here and I don't want to waste my life trying to keep myself inside a bubble to avoid being hurt.
  2. I want to make stuff, I want to build products and validate my thoughts, I want to spend time building for myself as much as I spend building for others.
  3. I wish to be able to go to the beach more often, I really love spending time swimming.
  4. I want to learn more about Ruby On Rails, need to understand the fuzz around it
  5. I want to try nodejs, mongodb, and ElasticSearch
  6. I want to learn pure JavaScript
  7. I want to publish a few Apps to the App Store