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"Altered Carbon" is happening

Posted on June, 12 2019 in Noise

"Altered Carbon" is happening
Photo by Meta Zahren on Unsplash

Yesterday I was chatting with a friend who's specialized in Orthopedic plates and Joint replacement parts. I have one of those plates since my bike crash last year, but I didn't know that there are spare parts for most of the human body.

With the technological advancements it seems like soon humans can replace the broken things in their bodies without limits, and maybe rich people will replace even healthy parts for artificial ones that have a bigger life span, and thus extend their own life span.

I don't really wish to live too long, my father was 64 when he died and he was already complaining that the world he knows isn't the world he sees and that he started to feel like a stranger. However, knowing that one day no problem will be un-fixable gives me hope. Accidents happen, and knowing that science is making recovery easier and faster is a reassuring thing.

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