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I just discovered a new passion for UI/UX design

Posted on October, 21 2018

I've always been trying to avoid dealing with design decisions and only get myself involved in code. It's just too hard to make things look pretty for everyone since everyone has a different taste, so it's impossible to get people to agree on the final look.

About a year a go Steve Schoger started posting design tips on Twitter where he takes something and makes it look super nice in just a few steps. It seemed like everyone appreciated those tips, and as for me, I was fascinated by how these small changes made a huge difference and made the interface look much nicer and easier to browse/use.

Steve's tweets got me thinking more about the interfaces of the apps I use, and I started trying to think of ways to make them better looking and easier to use. I've also started checking Behance and Dribbble to see which design styles are currently trending.

A few weeks ago I started working on 'Telescope', a new package for Laravel, which is all based on an interface that the user needs to interact with. This is something I was really concerned about because I didn't know what the interface should be like, and I wasn't sure I'll be able to build something nice.

However, once I started to focus on building the interface I found ideas flowing into my mind and the end result was getting nicer on each iteration. I was getting inspired by the things I see on Dribbble and Behance as well as Steve's designs, and I was simply able to reach something that I thought was pretty good.

Currently I'm so excited to repeat this experience again. I want to design the interface of a product from scratch just like I did with Telescope because I really enjoyed making those design decisions that once I had a hard time making.

Telescope when I first started

Telescope when I first started

Telescope now

Telescope now

I even built a dark version

I even built a dark version

Love UI design?

If you're like me and just discovered a new passion for UI/UX design, Steve Schoger and Adam Wathan are writing a book on UI design for non-designers. Go check it out and make sure you grab a copy.

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