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Eliminate the noise & hear the little voices

Posted on February, 6 2016 in Noise

Eliminate the noise & hear the little voices
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

I always believe in letting my product do the talking, I find myself unable to express what I’ve been doing or am doing, during meetings I’m the one who has nothing to say about productivity/progress/achievements and all these shiny words.

My father used to say “Those who do, never speak; and those who speak, never do”, maybe he wasn’t 100% right as we find great productive people give talks to inspire others and speak about their productivity hacks and so on, but when you don’t have a significant output and you still talk much it just indicates that you are glorifying what never existed, you just hold a sign that says “I have something to do, I swear.”.

Unfortunately people are surrounded by too much noise to notice these little voices of real achievements, the speakers are too loud that the ground shakes, everybody has big microphones and everyone is screaming loud.

I believe marketing is killing the healthy human nature, on every channel marketing is leading people to make bad judgements; political news, economics, art, sports, fashion, etc… You open a channel and you find “Buy me, buy me, .. Vote for me, vote for me, ..Clap for me, clap for me…

So my advice to you is to try and notice the little voices, try to decrease the noise around you, be picky about what to listen to & make judgements based on things you can touch with your own hands.

By Mohamed Said

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