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How losing hope is one way of getting better

Posted on January, 18 2017

How losing hope is one way of getting better

Last year I realised that losing hope isn’t a bad thing:

People think it’s shameful to lose hope, I learned that the sooner you lose hope the better, losing hope means you start considering alternatives & deploying your negative energy toward something useful. The most important thing though is to try as much as possible to help others around you keep their positive energy, if you decided it’s over for you it doesn’t mean it’s over for everybody else.

After a year of losing hope in many things & people I can say that I’m very happy with the outcome so far, I’ve completely abandoned all the battles that were consuming my soul and focused all my energy on finding alternatives, and with help from a few people around me I finally reached a state of satisfaction.

I’m not angry, not anymore, nothing that used to make me angry changed but I simply looked the other way, in fact I completely blocked everything that made me angry that at some point I thought I’m living in a bubble that’s getting too narrow I can’t breathe, but after 12 months I found that the world is much bigger than our problems.

You might have already noticed that this post has a political dimension, if you’re living in Egypt or a country where dreams don’t usually come true then you completely understand what I’m talking about.

Here are my final words:

Losing hope sets you free, losing hope makes the vision much more clearer.
By Mohamed Said

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