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2019 in Review

Posted on Dec 31, 2019Mohamed Said

This year was special, mainly because I'm very disappointed with the outcome that I kept avoiding writing a recap so I don't feel so bad.

I started this year with the will to focus on the following:

I worked hard on maintaining a healthy diet & exercise schedule and the results were satisfying to me. I became a better swimmer, runner, and cyclist. I also started lifting weights and managed to bring the strength back to my upper body after the crash that broke my collarbone in 2018.

As for work, starting February I put a lot of time studying for Laravel Vapor; before that, I only knew bits and pieces about running EC2 instances. However, in order to be able to work on Vapor I had to learn much more and spent hundreds of hours this year watching tutorials and reading the AWS docs.

With Exercising, studying for Vapor, and doing the daily routine of maintaining Spark, Forge, and Envoyer, I really had no time for writing blog posts or work on OSS.

In June, I decided I'll just keep doing what I'm doing until Laracon and then put more time into OSS & writing after the release of Vapor.

What happened is that mid-June, my wife's obstetrician decided to leave town 2 months before due date. We looked for an alternative for a few weeks before the panic started, we were 1 month away from due date and we had no idea who's going to help.

The only option we had was to go back to Cairo to deliver the baby and stay a few months until my wife recovers. That meant traveling to Cairo & searching for a ready-to-move apartment, all with my 8 months first-time pregnant wife.

In August, we end up having the baby in Hurghada after a friend recommended a hospital we didn't know it existed, it wasn't the best hospital and my wife suffered from Pneumonia that she got from the delivery room. It wasn't the best, but we didn't know what to do and didn't want to risk traveling.

Here we are in December, still trying to recover from all the madness around the delivery and learning how to live with a baby. I lost all the gains I had from exercising the first half of the year, also couldn't focus on OSS or writing.

However, I finished all the paperwork and currently waiting for my US Visa appointment in April and getting ready for the EU visa process starting March.


In 2020 I want to do the following:

Working on Laravel's commercial products exclusively for over a year was great, I've learnt a lot looking at how Taylor builds things.

However, I really enjoyed working on the open source libraries. It gave me a great sense of accomplishment and I enjoyed interacting with the community.

I just checked and it seems like I'm still #4 on the list of contributors on laravel/framework :)