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Keeping up with Iron People

Posted on January, 21 2019 in Noise, Training

Keeping up with Iron People
Between 5 Ironman finishers (+1 behind the camera) after a 70km ride.

This Saturday I had a 70km bike ride with 6 Ironman finishers; 3 ladies and 3 men from different age groups. I'm supposed to be the guide for the tour, but you can imagine the pain I was in trying to keep up with these super humans.

Riding headwind means you can't listen to anyone you're speaking to, so you end up only listening to what your mind is saying; and mine was just giving me a hard time.

I hate being the slowest, I hate being the weakest; I think everybody does. I don't want them to slow down for me, but at the same time I'm having hard time keeping up. Near the end of the ride I just wanted to lie on the ground and cry.

Somehow I managed to finish the ride, went home, had food, and my brain started to think positive again. I remembered that I've been training for just a few months and it's still a long road for me to be able to keep up with such people, that it's ok to feel slow and weak around them.

Keeping up requires a lot of training, same as in web development & everything. Even though most people are nice and they try to help, there's no way around doing an effort on your own to become better.

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