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Stop "honoring" your native language when sharing knowledge

Posted on June, 8 2019 in Noise

Stop "honoring" your native language when sharing knowledge
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This morning I read a post on how little the Arabic content in the internet is compared to other languages, and that most of the Arabic content is entertainment or religious. The author was disappointed and hoping for this to change and we see more Arabic content related to Education, Science, Mathematics, etc...

I'm a big believer that one day the entire world will speak one language, and maybe be one nation, so I instantly disregarded the post as I don't agree that this is a bad thing. I can't imagine trying to search for something online and find most of the content in different languages that I'll have to translate everything to extract knowledge.

The internet made knowledge available, clicking and pushing buttons is now the most common way of communication, it'd be a complete waste of time if the content available isn't accessible to everyone because people choose to "honor" their own language and disregard the rest of the world.

The lack of useful content from Arabic speakers is something I wish to see changing though, we have a lot of people with great knowledge in different fields but we don't have this culture of sharing and writing. So my hope is; if Arabic-speaking people start writing, they write in English so that the content is accessible to everyone.

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