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The sad fact about everyone I know leaving Egypt

Posted on December, 24 2015 in Life

The sad fact about everyone I know leaving Egypt
Photo by sophia valkova on Unsplash

In the past few months I said goodbye to many of my friends and colleagues who used to work in the tech/startup field in Egypt, they all moved to Europe looking for a better chance to make progress in their career as well as secure better living conditions for their families.

Some of them had to abandon their wives and children before being able to regroup with them after 3 months, a friend of mine was recently married and had to leave his wife after 7 months to work in Germany, and another after 3 months to work in Poland.

By the beginning of 2016 the number of fellow developers I ever worked with who are still living in Egypt will be only 1, and he too is in the process of moving to UAE before spring, he’s Syrian though which means the number of Egyptians will be Zero.

Despite being sad about the fact that I’m going to be completely alone, I’m also sad about how this Country losing all the good people who can really help it heal, those were the beautiful minds whom one day, after the revolution, thought they can change Egypt and help building products that serve the Egyptian market.

It’s sad that they all lost hope and decided to leave, and it’s sad that I lost it too and only turned down good opportunities to leave because I had to for personal reasons.

If you are reading this while coming from a country you love then you are lucky and you should do your best to benefit your country and people, it’s really hard to lose hope and feel not belonging, it’s really hard to feel home-less.

By Mohamed Said

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