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Why you should start blogging more

Posted on December, 31 2018 in Noise

Why you should start blogging more
Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash

Not everyone is courages enough to seek out for help, and even those who are ok with it, not all of them can ask the right questions so they get answers that can really help.

The internet made it possible for us to share experiences to a large audience, and made it possible for those who are confused to find help easily. However, since social media promotes soulless posts, 1-liners, and fake emotions, the amount of helpful content out there is decreasing.

By helpful content I mean real experiences from real people, not promoted SEO-optimized content, just a real person sharing her/his feelings or thoughts.

Personal blogs helped me a lot as a teenager; sitting in my room in Cairo, I was able to know a lot about the real world by reading blog posts, the world that's not in TV or promoted media. It really helped me overcome some dark moments, reading the thoughts of someone who was once in my place.

Also, this year I broke my collarbone, and blog/forum posts by people who had the same issue helped me a lot.

I really hope more people go back to blogging, when you blog about something it helps you get your ideas organized and gives you a chance to know how you really feel. It also might help someone else who's desperately looking for help.

This is my last post in 2018, hopefully I'll be able to blog more in 2019. You should too :)

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