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Changing your mind is a good trait

Posted on September, 23 2019 in Noise

Changing your mind is a good trait
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The last few months before my father passed away I remember he started talking differently, he changed his mind about many things that he used to have strong beliefs in. A friend of mine mentioned the same thing about his father too.

During the past few years, I changed my mind completely about different stuff; things that I used to disapprove are now my norm and things that I was a big fan of are now on the blacklist. Changed my plans completely several times as well, also made new friends and left some behind without regrets.

Thinking about it, I noticed that one good trait of our generation is that we change our mind easily. Older generations believe this is a bad thing and they kept trying to change it since we were young. But growing up like this, I find the changes I've made put me in a better place.

Since my son was born 7 weeks ago, I find myself thinking and acting differently about a number of things. I think looking back at it in a few years, I'll see a huge difference between my life before Zain and after. I'll remember my old plans & dreams and wonder how much that changed.

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