Better 404 responses using Laravel 5.5

Laravel 5.5.10 is shipped with two useful router methods that'll help us present better 404 pages for our users.

Learning How to fall

On how I almost broke my neck not knowing how to fall, learning how to fall is as important as trying new stuff

Persisting Redis data on disk

A look into the different strategies for storing Redis data on disk

Tagging jobs for monitoring in Laravel Horizon

A quick look into my favorite Laravel Horizon feature, which is the ability to tag jobs and monitor these tags later.

Using Laravel Mailables and Notifications as Event Listeners

On how to use Laravel Mailables and Notifications as Event listeners, which eliminates the need to create an extra listener class that only sends the notification/mailable.

Conditionally pushing event listeners to queue

On how to push a queued listener to queue based on a specific condition, this might be a smart way to avoid exhausting your workers on unnecessary jobs.

Validation considerations in Laravel 5.4

In this post I share a common issue with validating optional form field in Laravel 5.4

Conditional Validation Rules

In this post I'd like to highlight a trick related to conditionally adding validation rules, this trick is specially important since I've seen many people on Laravel's GitHub repository opening issues complaining about an un-expected validator behaviour

Laravel/MySQL JSON documents faster lookup using generated columns

laravel is shipped with a built-in support for JSON database fields, in this post we'll discover how to achieve faster lookup

Conditionally adding instructions to laravel's query builder

While using the query builder, sometimes you need to add more instructions based on specific conditions, in this post I'm going to share with you how to accomplish this without breaking method chaining.

Building and testing Artisan Commands

In this post we're going to discuss building and testing console commands that involve interaction from the user side.

MySQL JSON data type decoded

In this post we are going to explore the new MySQL 5.7 JSON Data Type. While diving into the topic we are going to use Laravel\'s fluent query builder.