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Posted on November, 23 2018

My First Century

Yesterday I noticed there will be no wind in the morning until noon. It's very windy most of the days here in Hurghada, and if you're facing the wind solo it'll punch you in the face and knock you down.Ever since I started riding again after ...

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Posted on October, 31 2018

It seems so easy for people to buy stuff they want and can afford, but not me!

While following new products introduced in yesterday's Apple event, I could see people on twitter easily making decisions to buy one or more. The thought process seems easy; you like something and you can afford it so you buy it.That's not the case with me; unfortunately,......

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Posted on October, 29 2018

My First Road Bike Experience

Today was the first time for me on a road bike, and it was AWESOME. I've been riding mountain bikes for a few months now and I really enjoy how it allows you to discover hidden places that you don't see while on the main road, however riding on the......

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Posted on August, 20 2018

I Broke My Collarbone... Here's The Story

On July 22nd, I took my bike out for a ride, crashed 5 minutes away from home and broke my right collarbone. I wasn't doing anything special; just riding downhill on a paved road and all.It all happened so quickly. I only remember pulling the brakes to slow the bike......

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