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Everyone is fighting a battle, everyone is a hero

Posted on February, 1 2019 in Noise

Everyone is fighting a battle, everyone is a hero
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A few years ago I was always whining about the living conditions I used to have here in Egypt and how unfair life was to me. I was 23; young and stupid enough to believe I was the only unlucky person in the world.

Growing up you realize that everyone is fighting a battle, if you think you're the only person in a tough situation then you're wrong. Everyone is a hero trying to survive this life.

Even people who you think are more lucky or privileged, they have their own battles. To envy them or to whine that you're not as lucky is just a result of being short-sighted. We all get short-sighted sometimes, but the wiser you become the sooner you realise there's no point in envy.

Here in Egypt, we have this misconception that people from certain nationalities are all rich and healthy and happy, they don't have to work hard or anything. They're living the dream.

Make enough friends of them and you realise that even though they have most of the basic needs easily covered, they still have to work hard to get a better life. The difference is that we need to work hard to get the very basic needs and some more to get a better life.

In the end, everyone is fighting. Everyone is trying to figure it out. There's no point in whining, just work until things get better :)

By Mohamed Said

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