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Features by the dozen

Posted on October, 17 2019 in Noise

Features by the dozen
Photo by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash

Handling customer support is big part of my job, and we often receive feature requests and ideas that are quite interesting. However, every few months we get a feature request that we don't see useful, not even for the people who request it!

Sometimes people ask for something just because they can have it, even if they don't end up using it. I noticed this in my job and also dealing with people in general. They even pay for features only so they have the option to use it even if they won't ever.

We've been hunting for a new car for the past 4 months, and people are crazy about cars that have options & features more than cars that are reliable. Lane keep assist? Self parking? Active Cruise Control? Blind Spot monitoring?

All these options aren't usable where I live, we don't have drive lanes to begin with, but people still pay a lot of money just to have these options even though I'm sure they'll have to disable or they'll end up crashing.

Oh! And the sunroof, in a country that's too hot most of the year people are paying to get a sunroof in their cars!

From day one, I wanted to get a car that's comfortable on long roads, safe, and not too complicated to deal with; but because most people want shiny features, the number of minimalistic car models is decreasing and it was really hard finding a good value-for-money car.

Next time you feel you want some feature, ask yourself if you are ever going to use it for sure or you're just collecting features by the dozen.

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