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Finding a father figure

Posted on September, 21 2019 in Life

I find it funny that the older I get, the more I need a mentor. I was fool as a teenager to believe I've figured it out. Now with every big decision I'm about to make I wish my father was still alive or that I have a mentor to get back to.

We've been hunting for a new car for months now, and with all the options we've seen only a few stand out and it's time we make a decision and move forward. That may seem easy to some, but to me it's a very tough decision.

I've always believed that spending money on modern cars is a waste of money, but ever since I had my first born son I started to think different.

Up to this date, I drive a very old, zero safety, South Koran made car. It served us well, but travelling +500KMs between Hurghada and Cairo too often is not as comfortable or safe as it would be in a modern car. So the decision to get a new one is all made, but the decision on which one and how much I should spend is hard.

I wish there was someone I can get back to and clearly explain my financial situation with all details and trust his advice. I always say I'm ok on my own but deep down, at the age of 30, I'm always looking for a father figure.

Anyway, I hope I'd stick around for as long as my son needs me.

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