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Hey Younger Me, Learn How To Dance

Posted on October, 23 2018 in Life

Hey Younger Me, Learn How To Dance

When you're young, you're stupid. It's ok if you look stupid sometimes. It doesn't matter if you look funny when you dance; your nose is bigger than the rest of your face anyways. people might look and laugh at you, but you'll get better at dancing by time.

Currently I'm 29 and I love music but I just stand there not knowing what to do, and I don't want to look stupid. So, I just don't dance, and being married to someone who loves dancing, this is so bad.

There were many times my friends tried to help me learn how to dance, but for reasons I don't remember I refused. Also, I forced myself to dance at my wedding and my wife helped me learn a few moves, but I was doing it as a robot, not feeling the beat and not really enjoying. Self-consciousness was making me focus on doing the moves right rather than enjoying.

Here's something strange; when I listen to music while riding my bike I DANCE. I move side to side and jump and move my head. I also sing loud not caring about people around, weird isn't it?

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