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I could be wrong, I hope I'm not

Posted on October, 12 2019 in Life

I could be wrong, I hope I'm not

For a long time I've been torn between two different routes; one that involves me leaving my country with all its good and bad and moving to some place else hoping for a better life, the other is making the best out of where I am.

I've seen people ruining their lives just to leave Egypt and only end up in a place where their life is much worse, one of them even ended his life because he thought there's no place in this world for him. I didn't want to lose hope in here and just escape only to find that life is not simply rainbows and butterflies out there too.

A few years ago, there was no sign of hope. Everything here was getting worse and worse, but now I think there might be hope for a better future. I could be wrong, but if I'm right then Egypt is the best place for my family and I to be in 5-10 years.

Working remotely made it possible to move out of Cairo and live in a town close to the sea, it's warm here all year round and the pollution levels are very low. Affordable schooling options for my kid are available, and there are many wonderful activities for kids to be part of. I think my son's life here will be a happy one for the first 15 years or so.

I could be wrong, but in 15 years I'd like to believe there will be better College Education and better work opportunities; quality of life in general should be better. I also believe the system will get better, replacing human with computers will make things easier and the system less corrupt.

I could be wrong, but if I'm right we need to establish a base for a good life here. We lived on the move for 3 years but if we're going to stay, then we need to think about the future and build for it. We also need to make new friends since all our friends have left Egypt in the past 6 years. We managed to live solo for a while but now is time to be part of a community.

I could be wrong, things could get worse and my son may blame me for not leaving as much as I blamed my father for leaving Europe and coming back to Egypt in his 20s. I'll always live with the worries of being hardly criticized by my son for the choices I made for him.

I hope I'll be able to build a base here but always keep the door open to leave or at least send my son away in case things aren't getting better. This requires a lot of hard work and a lot of planning. I hope I'm not wrong.

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