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In Memory Of My Father

Posted on February, 9 2019 in Life

In Memory Of My Father

My father passed away six years ago today, he was in a hospital for one week before he left this world.

Time heals your wounds and the grief subsides, you adapt to how life becomes after someone leaves and you feel the balance again after a while. The grief goes but the memories remain.

On this day every year I like to take a few moments and remember him; remind myself of his voice, his face, his bad jokes, and his good deeds. This year I wanted to share part of my memories of him here.

First thing popped into my head is an incident back when I was 14, I met some guy online who was 24 years old and we started talking about web design and built a few hobby projects together.

After a few months we decided to meet for the first time, we agreed that I'll meet him in a popular downtown place and then go to his place and work a bit on a project we've been playing with.

Of course my mother didn't approve it, but my father decided to let me go meet the guy. We met, had a long walk, and then went to his place. He used to live with 2 other room mates, so he opens the door to his apartment and I find my father sitting there.

My first response was feeling angry, I didn't want anyone to think I'm still a child and stop taking me seriously, you all know how we were at this age.

We went inside and had a little chat about general topics and then my father left. I spent a couple of hours with the guy and then went home.

On my way back I remember I started to think clearly about what happened, I felt really safe and protected. That later gave me the courage to do crazy stuff and push myself into situations that are scary to me, knowing that I have my father who got my back.

He wasn't flawless, but he definitely was trying to be a good father. May his soul rest in peace.

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