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A single index.php file generating $65k/month

Posted on Sep 24, 2020Mohamed Said

While we spend a lot of time jumping from one not-hot-anymore tool to the new hot tool, Pieter Levels is generating $65k/month with an app that's written inside a single index.php file.

Pieter has been a great inspiration to me, mainly because of his focus on shipping programs that work rather than the tools used.

I don't think I'll ever want to build an app inside an index.php file, but I might actually build an app inside the routes/web.php Laravel file and add some blade/vue files for the interface. As for testing, I'm confident I can ship a very complex working app without chasing that 100% test coverage trophy.

If you can build apps that work using a stack you're familiar with, exploring other stacks/tools should be like visiting a new city. Enjoy it, but know that you can't just move your family to every new city you visited and liked its sunset. Enjoy where you live, and plan your moves carefully. Time is precious.