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Stop worrying about your broken English

Posted on Jan 16, 2019Mohamed Said

Many people here in Egypt have a mental link between how good a person's English speaking skills are and how much respect they should hold for him/her. If they speak with a heavy accent or make any grammar mistakes, people will think they are not smart/educated enough and not worthy of the respect.

I personally feel more comfortable speaking English around other nationalities, including native english speakers, than when Egyptians are around.

This same burden is slowing down many web developers in Egypt; because they're too afraid to speak English and express themselves, they're not getting better at the language. They're also not confident enough to get into tech conversations in English.

So whenever you are in a situation where you need to speak in English, just express yourself in any way and don't worry about how it sounds, don't worry about grammar, you'll get better the more you practise anyway.

The more I meet native English speakers in real life the more I realise they couldn't care less about how well I speak their language as long as they understand what I say.