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The Fear of missing out in web development

Posted on Jul 12, 2019Mohamed Said

Lately I started to experience FOMO with my career as well; I work as a web developer in Laravel, it's an awesome job in which I'm surrounded with a great community and brilliant co-workers. Checking twitter everyday I hear about this new JavaScript thing, or that new PHP library, or that new chatbots/AI/BI course. This gives me a little fear that by not checking all these new stuff I'm missing out a lot.

It's a constant pressure on me, and I can imagine how hard it can be on people newly joining the career. In my early days it wasn't that bad, things weren't moving that fast, but nowadays it's crazy.

I don't have answers, I only wrote this post to check with other developers if they are experiencing FOMO as well, also to let new comers know that it's crazy out there even for people who have been doing this for quite some time.

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