Published Aug 2017

Learning How to fall

Yesterday I almost broke my neck trying to do a handstand, it’s been long since I last did it, around 13-15 years, so for the past 3 days I’ve been trying to find my balance again handstanding against a wall, but then I decided to go ahead and try to do it without walls.

The first few attempts I wasn’t able to reach the full vertical stretch and kept leaning forward and drop on my legs, finally I pushed a bit harder and was able to maintain balance for 2-3 seconds in a vertical position then I started to fall backwards, I accidentally let my body weight fall over my head then neck, it was damn painful.

Well, can't say it wasn't fun, but it reminded me of the days my late father was teaching me how to ride a bike, the first day he was just trying to teach me how to fall, so he just hold the bike, count to 3, let go of it, and I fall on one of the sides, the first few falls were painful, but after a short while I learnt how to use my legs to carry my weight instead of falling to the ground. That’s what I needed today, I had to practice how to fall so falling would be my safety net instead of being my nightmare.

The past few weeks I’ve been using Redis for the first time working on Laravel Horizon, I wasn’t spending much time reading about it since I had to finish my tasks before Laracon, but even though Redis was new to me I had my safety net, a strong one, his name is Taylor Otwell, so I was doing Redis knowing that if I fall Taylor would catch and make sure everything works before a release, and that was it 🤠

Now that Horizon is already tested and stable enough for an alpha, I started to really dive deep into Redis to learn how to fall, how to act in case things went wrong, and actually what might go wrong.

My neck hurts, will rest for today and then start again tomorrow, but will start by learning how to exit a handstand, I'll learn how to fall.

So, next time you try to do something new, learn how to fall first.