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Posted on December, 10 2018

Living in a good city makes a huge difference in our lives

Last week I had to go to Cairo to run some errands, I was born and raised in this city and only left 2 years ago. However, coming back here brings all the memories on why we left.Cairo is one of the most polluted cities in the world, just the......

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Posted on November, 2 2018

My Plan Is To Never Get Old

I've seen many people here who started to think they're old in their mid-thirties, and I remember back when I was 20 I used to think I only have 15 years to achieve anything and enjoy life. I used to believe that after 35, you start aging and getting weaker......

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Posted on October, 31 2018

It seems so easy for people to buy stuff they want and can afford, but not me!

While following new products introduced in yesterday's Apple event, I could see people on twitter easily making decisions to buy one or more. The thought process seems easy; you like something and you can afford it so you buy it.That's not the case with me; unfortunately,......

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Posted on October, 29 2018

My First Road Bike Experience

Today was the first time for me on a road bike, and it was AWESOME. I've been riding mountain bikes for a few months now and I really enjoy how it allows you to discover hidden places that you don't see while on the main road, however riding on the......

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Posted on October, 25 2018

The Most Incredible Things That Happened To Me Were Because I Reached Out

A couple of days ago I was browsing Strava and I noticed a recent activity in a road I usually ride on. The rider was a Swedish athlete whom I thought was on vacation. I reached out to him and left a comment. 24 hours later I was......

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Posted on October, 23 2018

Hey Younger Me, Learn How To Dance

When you're young, you're stupid. It's ok if you look stupid sometimes. It doesn't matter if you look funny when you dance; your nose is bigger than the rest of your face anyways. people might look and laugh at you, but you'll get better at dancing by time.Currently I'm 29......

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Posted on October, 20 2018

Why I decided to stop pro training for Freediving

The next few days after I had my collarbone surgery I wasn't able to get long sleeping hours. I kept waking up every hour and staying in the bed for 15 minutes or so before I could sleep again. My mind was full of chaos, maybe from the......

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Posted on August, 20 2018

I Broke My Collarbone... Here's The Story

On July 22nd, I took my bike out for a ride, crashed 5 minutes away from home and broke my right collarbone. I wasn't doing anything special; just riding downhill on a paved road and all.It all happened so quickly. I only remember pulling the brakes to slow the bike......

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Posted on April, 15 2018

My money dilemma

My father made terrible money mistakes in the past, my nightmare is that I’ll end up making the same mistakes because I generally think like him.Don’t get me wrong, I think my father is great, in fact my dedication at work is only because it’s one thing he has been......

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Posted on December, 24 2015

The sad fact about everyone I know leaving Egypt

In the past few months I said goodbye to many of my friends and colleagues who used to work in the tech/startup field in Egypt, they all moved to Europe looking for a better chance to make progress in their career as well as secure better living conditions for their......

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Posted on December, 11 2015

How leaving school made me a better learner

It all started as a traditional story, I left school because I had to work to support my family, back then I didn’t feel special about myself, I always thought I hated the reasons that drove me into this, I even blamed my family for making me reach this situation.......

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Posted on December, 8 2015

We don’t want our child to be born on the wrong side of the wall

I can never say my childhood was bad, It was lovely indeed, I was able to do all the activities a child or a teenager ever wanted to do, and I never thought I will end up having these thoughts about my home country, but now I’d rather not bring......

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