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My Cycling Bad Luck

Posted on March, 18 2019 in Life

My Cycling Bad Luck

On Saturday, I was riding my bike as usual when the wind brought a plastic bag into my rear wheel. Fortunately I didn't fall but the rear derailleur got tangled into the spokes and got broken.

I just stood there in the middle of the desert with 13 other cyclists wondering about what happened, I was laughing but deep inside I was very frustrated. I've been having a very bad luck for the past few rides, strange things keep happening.

Out of 13 bikes, the plastic bag hit mine and caused bad damage, a plastic bag!

In my culture, when bad things keeps happening to you it's an alarm that you must do more charity, we believe that doing good prevents bad things from happening to you.

I've been quite lucky to be able to live in such place, ride bicycles, and for many other things. I think I should do more for those who are not fortunate enough.

I wonder if this is the case in other cultures, but this is one of the very few things in my culture that I actually believe in.

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