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My First Century

Posted on November, 23 2018 in Training

My First Century

Yesterday I noticed there will be no wind in the morning until noon. It's very windy most of the days here in Hurghada, and if you're facing the wind solo it'll punch you in the face and knock you down.

Ever since I started riding again after my accident last July, I wanted to do a 100km ride before the end of the year. Today seemed like a good opportunity, so I packed my water bottles, something sweet to eat, my bike gear, and hit the road.

After almost 90 minutes of riding to the north, the headwind started to howl. That slowed me down a good deal and at some point I started thinking of turning back and maybe trying some other day.

I kept pushing anyway until I saw a sign that said it's only 10 kilometers remaining until my planned turning point.


After 10km of terrible wind, I finally made it to El Gouna. To help distract my mind away from bad thoughts, I tried imagining that I'm racing in a very long race and everyone I love is waiting at the finish line. I use daydreaming as a way of tricking my mind into doing stuff. Might talk about that in another post.

I really wanted to sit down and have a drink before heading back, but there are no coffee-shops or restaurants in the area except inside El Gouna. However, for some reason every time I go visit a friend or take my bike to the bike fixing shop inside El Gouna the security at the gates wouldn't let me in and say "Outsiders are not allowed". Each time I have to call a friend who has to yell at the security guys so they would let me in. I totally stopped going to El Gouna for that reason, and today specifically I really wasn't ready for this crap. The road back is not easy and I wanted to stay in a positive mental state.

Now back on the road, riding tailwind but already exhausted. Took me around 2 hours to go back home even though I thought it'll take much shorter. It's really nice to achieve something you thought wasn't possible, it makes you proud of yourself and helps you trust your ability to progress.

Dead. But happy!

Dead. But happy!

You can check my ride on Strava.

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