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My money dilemma

Posted on April, 15 2018 in Life

My money dilemma
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My father made terrible money mistakes in the past, my nightmare is that I’ll end up making the same mistakes because I generally think like him.

Don’t get me wrong, I think my father is great, in fact my dedication at work is only because it’s one thing he has been stressing on for his entire life. He kept working until he died, and I’ve never seen him do anything but perfect. However, even though he was a brilliant engineer he was terrible with money, he’d spend money as much as he desires & forget about the fact that bad days will come.

The opposite example of my father was my uncle, he was good at making money and saving it, however I personally think he’s cheap, he only spends the least amount of money possible, he doesn’t care how he looks, where he lives, or what he does. He just saves money all his life, and now that he’s old I can’t remember one time he really did enjoy the money he made.

I’m a product of watching these two deal with money, whenever I spend some money I feel worried I’ll end up like my father, whenever I save money I feel worried I’m missing a lot of joy in my life.

My everyday question for the past few months is:

What is money well spent?

Checking with my friends I find some of them having the same question but no answers, as for the rest, they don’t even care, they just spend money thinking that more will always come.

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