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My thoughts on automation, making life easier, and creating more jobs

Posted on December, 20 2018 in Noise

My thoughts on automation, making life easier, and creating more jobs
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Every 3 years I have to renew my car license, and if you live in Egypt or know someone who is, he/she will explain how horrible this day is. Wasting hours and hours moving between tills and queues, and once you're done you immediately start worrying about the renewal day in 3 years and how horrible it would be.

That's the case with all paperwork here where you have to deal with government employees, they're bored to death and the last thing they want is do any kind of effort. They just want to clock in and out until they retire, nothing in between matters.

Now let's think of an alternative route where all these lazy workers are sent home and replaced by machines, if we automate every single task that requires low-skilled human interactions. Instead of wasting hours trying to finish something, you just get it done in a few minutes, and most things can even be done from the comfort of your home or office. Wouldn't that be great? I believe it is, but the argument I keep hearing is:

What about all the people who will become jobless?

The reason why life is easier now than it was years ago is because of all the things that became automated, and in this process many jobs disappeared. Think of anything in your everyday life and research how it used to be years ago, from having a good morning coffee to sleeping in a warm bed at night.

For all the jobs that disappeared many other jobs became available, jobs that require more skills and have more impact on our lives. If people want to keep being in the work force they must stay competent, they must keep learning and keep making an effort.

The transition has to be slow so people who are not ready for the new system aren't left behind, and for those with limited skills, we should all help them acquire more skills. Coming from the software industry where thousands of free materials are available for people to learn and become more skilled, I wish this would be the case for all other professions.

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