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My Training plan

Posted on January, 13 2019 in Training

My Training plan

This morning I tried to think of why I'm suddenly into sports activities. After a surprisingly long time I was able to put the answer in these points:

The plan

My plan involves 4 types of activities; Cycling, Running, Swimming, and Strength Training. To progress in these activities I pushed as hard as I can until I injured my knee & developed a bad posture on the bike, so I reached out to one of my friends who did several Ironman races. His advice was simple:

Don't do too much too fast, and focus on quality over quantity.

So instead of just keep going until I'm out of energy, I put together a plan that starts with some effort and adds 10% extra every week. For example if I can run 4km two times on a week, next week I run 9km instead of 8.

Also instead of just keep adding those 10%, I need to focus more on the quality of the workout; so my body posture, stroke/stride efficiency, and breathing.

Searching the internet and they all make things very complicated, like everything on the web where people earn money by making things look more complicated than they are and promise they will help you with it.

So I went back to him for more detailed guidance and we agreed he'll help me work on the quality over the next couple of weeks. Until then I need to work on my anaerobic abilities; I need to be able to do effort without running out of breath too fast. That means interval training, so he added the following two training sessions:


20 minutes of warmup, followed by 2x5min of 70% effort, followed by 3x(5x30/30) maximum effort, then finally 20 minutes of cool down.

2x5min means I do 5 minutes, rest, then another 5 minutes.

3x(5x30/30) means 3 sets, each set consists of 5 times of 30 seconds activities with 30 seconds of rest in between. Between each set I rest for 2 minutes. The rest shouldn't be a completely relaxed period, but rather easy cycling.

In addition to this, I also do 2 cycling group rides; 40kms & 65kms. During these rides I need to use low gears and faster strokes to put less stress on the legs (until knee is recovered) and more on the cardiovascular system.

I also need to make sure my shoulders are relaxed, and my back is in neutral position, and my core is engaged.


15 minutes of warmup, 2x5min of 70% effort, 2x(5x200m/200m) of maximum effort, then 15 minutes cool down.

2x(5x200m/200m) means 2 sets, each has 5 times of 200 meters run with 200 meters of jogging in between.

In addition to this, I need to have a long run session at low effort where I just have to focus on covering the distance while keeping the posture correct.

I also need to make sure I land on the middle-foot not on my heel and make sure my shoulder is relaxed.

Strength training

Apparently big part of why people get injured is because they're not doing things right, aside from the mechanics, they don't have strong muscles to support the movement so they put stress on the joints.

For now I just need to do lunges, squats, and stretching. He'll help me develop a better plan soon.

I'll keep this post updated with progress on my training and any new advices I get. You can follow my sessions on Strava. Also let me know what you think and if you're following a training plan let's be training buddies :)

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