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Posted on December, 13 2018

Celebrate The Little Wins

I was lucky enough to meet a lot of great people; those who are kind to others, working hard to support their families, and trying to achieve something in this life. Doing this requires a lot of physical and mental power, and when their power is drained they start feeling......

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Posted on December, 10 2018

Living in a good city makes a huge difference in our lives

Last week I had to go to Cairo to run some errands, I was born and raised in this city and only left 2 years ago. However, coming back here brings all the memories on why we left.Cairo is one of the most polluted cities in the world, just the......

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Posted on December, 3 2018

The Most Powerful Passport

It was all over the news yesterday that the UAE passport was ranked most powerful globally. I wasn't sure what that means but with a few clicks I found out that it simply means UAE citizens can travel to 167 countries without the need to get a visa.That got me......

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Posted on November, 25 2018

The Internet Is the Best Thing That Happened To This World

Yesterday I woke up in Egypt at 7:15 AM GMT+2, and gave a brief talk in India at 10:45 AM GMT+5. A couple of weeks ago I gave a talk in Berlin while sitting on my kitchen bar in Egypt.I believe the internet is the......

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Posted on November, 22 2018

Don't Trust The System. Go Solo!

I've never been the one with straight A’s during my school years; my parents actually never seemed to be excited about me becoming top of my class or even cared about my grades in most subjects.My father used to check on my knowledge in Science, Math, and English, but he......

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Posted on November, 14 2018

Spotify Launched In Egypt

Today started with an email from Spotify announcing it's now available in Egypt. I have been using a regional service called anghami (translated to My Tunes), and it's been working well most of the time, except that it didn't have several of the new songs and......

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Posted on November, 8 2018

Focus on one thing at a time. Or many, your call.

The older I get the more I believe there's no one correct answer for any single question, that everyone who claims knowing the only right answer is a crook.One of the things I keep hearing people give lectures about is the importance of "Focusing on one thing at a time".......

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Posted on November, 5 2018

That's Why I Believe In Reincarnation

A few years ago I was chatting with a group of friends about how unlucky we are to be born in Egypt, and to be titled Egyptians/Arab/Muslims. The conversation was more about having fun and wasn't at all depressing or anything, yet it took us to a more interesting topic:Is......

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Posted on October, 22 2018

Host your own content

Yesterday my friend Eric Barnes shared a piece on his blog where he recommends hosting your own content instead of relying on Medium. I've always wanted to talk about that. Specially that Medium is blocked in my country for over 2 years now, which makes me......

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Posted on February, 6 2016

Eliminate the noise & hear the little voices

I always believe in letting my product do the talking, I find myself unable to express what I’ve been doing or am doing, during meetings I’m the one who has nothing to say about productivity/progress/achievements and all these shiny words.My father used to say “Those who do, never speak; and......

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