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Separating signal from noise while following the news

Posted on November, 3 2019 in Noise

For six years now, I haven't been following any news channels. I have no idea what's going on in my country or any other country in the world. Six years now and I'm happier than ever.

News Agencies want you to believe that it's important to be informed, it's not. The world is too big for a person to follow every single detail; if you do, you'll end up depressed, stressed, and anxious.

The older generation used to follow all the news from every source, they consumed every channel and waited for the morning news on the radio as if their life depends on it. Most of them weren't able to separate signal from noise and end up in continuous fear of the future.

However, some of them were smart enough to only learn what they could use and ignore the rest. These people end up getting the most out of the period they lived in and they were able to pass all the benefits to their children. Not only the materialistic benefits, but the more important knowledge and wisdom.

Lately I started following the news of the automobile industry, the knowledge I collected helped me make a better decision while buying a new car, it also allowed me to give useful advice to others.

That made me re-think the news block I have in place; instead of blocking I'll start filtering, only follow certain topics that I think will be useful for me to know about.

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