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Spotify Launched In Egypt

Posted on November, 14 2018 in Noise

Spotify Launched In Egypt

Today started with an email from Spotify announcing it's now available in Egypt. I have been using a regional service called anghami (translated to My Tunes), and it's been working well most of the time, except that it didn't have several of the new songs and tracks, specially those by less famous artists. I had to switch to YouTube to watch/listen to such new stuff.

Beside my excitement about being able to access new music, and finally being able to listen to the playlists everyone shares, I'm also happy that more and more international services started to consider the Egyptian market.

Hello There

Hello There

A couple of years ago Netflix started working in Egypt. Since then I've seen many of my friends and family using it and completely dropping Torrent downloads. This proves that the best way to fight digital piracy is by providing a reliable and affordable alternative.

Hopefully soon enough Stripe and Amazon will consider launching in Egypt as well.

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