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The 5 phases of learning something new

Posted on February, 6 2019 in Noise

The 5 phases of learning something new
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Every year since I started working at Laravel I find myself getting into something completely new, you know this kind of things that when you first read about you feel stupid for not understanding a single word? That's what I mean.

Now that I got used to this, I find myself able to identify the phases I go through before I consider myself educated enough to contribute:

The first phase is what I call the "Fake Confidence"; I know that I don't understand anything but I'm confident I will in a little bit.

The second phase is the "Frustration Phase"; It's been hours/days and I still cannot connect the dots, I feel lost between all the tutorials and I keep forgetting what I just read minutes ago.

The third phase is the "New Beginning" phase; I close the 2314 opened browser tabs and find a source that starts from the very basics and I stick to it start-to-end.

The fourth phase is actually a cycle of WTF moments followed by AHA moments followed by WTF moments. You all know that phase.

Finally I see some light, I just sit back and start building stuff little by little until I get something working. That's when I know I'm close to figuring things out.

I'm currently at phase 3, hope it doesn't take long before some AHA moments. Which phase are you currently at?

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