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The Most Powerful Passport

Posted on December, 3 2018 in Noise

The Most Powerful Passport
Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash

It was all over the news yesterday that the UAE passport was ranked most powerful globally. I wasn't sure what that means but with a few clicks I found out that it simply means UAE citizens can travel to 167 countries without the need to get a visa.

That got me curious to explore how powerful other passports are, and as expected I found that these passports are the least powerful: Afghanstan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Somaila, and Yemen.

What was really surprising to me was that Egyptian Citizens can enter 56 countries without the need for a visa, these countries include: Malaysia, Indonesia, Jordan, Nepal, Yemen, and Dominica. I thought the list was much shorter, the world is not open to us but there are a few doors that we can enter.

Countries Egyptians can visit visa-free

Countries Egyptians can visit visa-free

Another surprise was the fact that the US passport isn't the most powerful, US citizens can only access 165 countries visa-free. I always thought being a US citizen opens the world for you. However, the definition of the world varies, some people might find some countries more worthy to be able to visit than others.

If you want to check where your passport stands in the ranking, check this website: There's also a nice website that shows even more details:

I'm not sure exactly how things work and what makes a country give another country's citizens visa-free access, I'm sure it's more complicated than I want to know. Anyway, I just hope that one day I'll be able to visit as many places in the world as possible. My wish list includes the following places:

USA, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, Malaysia, China, India, UAE, and Spain.

I know it's only Malaysia that's Visa-free for me, but I hope the others would be kind enough to let me visit. I'm a nice person, will just take a look, meet some friends, maybe ride a few miles on the bike, and fly back :)

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