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We don’t want our child to be born on the wrong side of the wall

Posted on December, 8 2015 in Life

We don’t want our child to be born on the wrong side of the wall

I can never say my childhood was bad, It was lovely indeed, I was able to do all the activities a child or a teenager ever wanted to do, and I never thought I will end up having these thoughts about my home country, but now I’d rather not bring children to this world if their only nationality will be Egyptian.

This post is not about negativity, I already passed that stage long time ago, I’m neutral to the current standard of living and the political situation, I’m 100% cool with the fact that I was born in a corrupted country, same as someone who was born blind or deaf, it’s something that one should learn how to deal with.

But I’ve been married for 15 months now and we think we are ready to bring a child to this world, our only concern is how to give this new little person a chance in a better life, we can now provide him food and shelter but how can we give him a chance in good education & healthcare? how can we give him the chance to excel only by working hard not by having to know someone, how to give him the chance to dream bigger than we ever did, to know that his dreams can become true with hard work and some luck.

We’ve been thinking for months, and the final conclusion is that we live in a world where the nationality decides someones fate, if we let our child be born in Egypt he will be doomed by being born on the wrong side of the wall.

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