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It seems so easy for people to buy stuff they want and can afford, but not me!

Posted on October, 31 2018 in Life, Training

It seems so easy for people to buy stuff they want and can afford, but not me!

While following new products introduced in yesterday's Apple event, I could see people on twitter easily making decisions to buy one or more. The thought process seems easy; you like something and you can afford it so you buy it.

That's not the case with me; unfortunately, I have a very hard time making purchase decisions. Sometimes I go ahead and make the purchase in the end, but most of the time I bail and think my life will be ok without the thing I wanted to buy.

This year I started managing my finances and keeping aside some guilt-free money that I can use to buy anything I want. 2 months before end of 2018 and I still haven't used much of it.

My current struggle is whether or not I should get a road bike. I bought a cheap mountain bike a few months ago, and Iuse it to ride in the desert trails around Sahl Hasheesh since the place is lovely for mountain biking. However, since I tried this road bike a few days ago I fell in love.

A piece from heaven

A piece from heaven

I'm also planning to work with a local cycling center as a tour guide which will require me riding a road bike for 40+Kms every week. The place will provide me with the bike during my trips, and they'll let me use it for my own training as well. However, I don't feel very comfortable borrowing such an expensive bike and riding it around. That's why I want to buy my own.

If my wife for example would ask me whether she should buy a thing she likes, I'd tell her "If you can afford it, don't already have something similar, and will enjoy it; then why not?", but when it comes to me I struggle a lot and I can't figure out why.

Do you have the same problem or something similar? Let me know what you think.

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