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Web Developer, cyclist, and freediver.
Posted on October, 25 2018

The Most Incredible Things That Happened To Me Were Because I Reached Out

A couple of days ago I was browsing Strava and I noticed a recent activity in a road I usually ride on. The rider was a Swedish athlete whom I thought was on vacation. I reached out to him and left a comment. 24 hours later I was......

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Posted on October, 23 2018

Hey Younger Me, Learn How To Dance

When you're young, you're stupid. It's ok if you look stupid sometimes. It doesn't matter if you look funny when you dance; your nose is bigger than the rest of your face anyways. people might look and laugh at you, but you'll get better at dancing by time.Currently I'm 29......

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Posted on October, 22 2018

Host your own content

Yesterday my friend Eric Barnes shared a piece on his blog where he recommends hosting your own content instead of relying on Medium. I've always wanted to talk about that. Specially that Medium is blocked in my country for over 2 years now, which makes me......

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Posted on October, 21 2018

I just discovered a new passion for UI/UX design

I've always been trying to avoid dealing with design decisions and only get myself involved in code. It's just too hard to make things look pretty for everyone since everyone has a different taste, so it's impossible to get people to agree on the final look.About a year a go......

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Posted on October, 20 2018

Why I decided to stop pro training for Freediving

The next few days after I had my collarbone surgery I wasn't able to get long sleeping hours. I kept waking up every hour and staying in the bed for 15 minutes or so before I could sleep again. My mind was full of chaos, maybe from the......

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Posted on August, 25 2018

Testing Artisan Commands in Laravel 5.7+

Laravel 5.7 comes with a pretty neat way for testing console commands. Let's see what our tests might look like....

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Posted on August, 20 2018

I Broke My Collarbone... Here's The Story

On July 22nd, I took my bike out for a ride, crashed 5 minutes away from home and broke my right collarbone. I wasn't doing anything special; just riding downhill on a paved road and all.It all happened so quickly. I only remember pulling the brakes to slow the bike......

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Posted on April, 15 2018

My money dilemma

My father made terrible money mistakes in the past, my nightmare is that I’ll end up making the same mistakes because I generally think like him.Don’t get me wrong, I think my father is great, in fact my dedication at work is only because it’s one thing he has been......

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Posted on September, 21 2017

Better 404 responses using Laravel 5.5+

Laravel 5.5.10 is shipped with two useful router methods that'll help us present better 404 pages for our users......

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Posted on August, 9 2017

Persisting Redis data on disk

Redis data lives in memory, that makes it is very fast to write to and read from, but in case of server crashes you lose all that's in the memory, for some applications it's ok to lose these data in case of crash, but for other apps it's important to......

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Posted on May, 16 2017

Using Laravel Mailables and Notifications as Event Listeners

Most of the time we send alerts to our app users when a specific event happens, for example we send an invoice on a new purchase or a welcome email on user signup, and to do this we need to listen to that event like so:class EventServiceProvider extends......

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Posted on May, 5 2017

Conditionally pushing event listeners to queue

Here's the situation, you're building an online store that should handle thousands of orders every day, one of the cool things about this store is that customers who make purchases above 10K should receive a gift coupon, let's see how we can implement such thing in laravel:On every new purchase......

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