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Posted on January, 18 2017

How losing hope is one way of getting better

Last year I realised that losing hope isn’t a bad thing:People think it’s shameful to lose hope, I learned that the sooner you lose hope the better, losing hope means you start considering alternatives & deploying your negative energy toward something useful. The most important thing though is to try......

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Posted on July, 9 2016

Laravel/MySQL JSON documents faster lookup using generated columns

laravel 5.3 is shipped with built-in support for updating and querying JSON type database fields, the support currently fully covers MySQL 5.7 JSON type fields updates and lookups, this allows us to have the following......

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Posted on April, 25 2016

Conditionally adding instructions to laravel's query builder

How to conditionally push extra instructions to the query builder using the same fluent syntax that you love....

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Posted on April, 9 2016

Building and testing Artisan Commands

While building the Laravel Langman package I was facing some difficulties trying to figure out how to test a console command that interacts with the user via questions, most of the tutorials and blog posts I found online were just calling the command and passing arguments/options using the......

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Posted on March, 11 2016

MySQL JSON data type decoded

In this post we are going to explore the new MySQL 5.7 JSON Data Type. While diving into the topic we are going to use Laravel's fluent query builder....

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Posted on February, 6 2016

Eliminate the noise & hear the little voices

I always believe in letting my product do the talking, I find myself unable to express what I’ve been doing or am doing, during meetings I’m the one who has nothing to say about productivity/progress/achievements and all these shiny words.My father used to say “Those who do, never speak; and......

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Posted on December, 24 2015

The sad fact about everyone I know leaving Egypt

In the past few months I said goodbye to many of my friends and colleagues who used to work in the tech/startup field in Egypt, they all moved to Europe looking for a better chance to make progress in their career as well as secure better living conditions for their......

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Posted on December, 11 2015

How leaving school made me a better learner

It all started as a traditional story, I left school because I had to work to support my family, back then I didn’t feel special about myself, I always thought I hated the reasons that drove me into this, I even blamed my family for making me reach this situation.......

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Posted on December, 8 2015

We don’t want our child to be born on the wrong side of the wall

I can never say my childhood was bad, It was lovely indeed, I was able to do all the activities a child or a teenager ever wanted to do, and I never thought I will end up having these thoughts about my home country, but now I’d rather not bring......

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